Brad Kearns

Primal Endurance Mastery Course

The Primal Endurance Mastery Course provides the most comprehensive, in-depth endurance training education ever developed. Get ready for tons of new PRs, and even more importantly, longevity and enjoyment in the endurance game.

Katie French

Paleo Cooking Bootcamp

Paleo Cooking Bootcamp makes it easy to stay committed to paleo, even if you're super busy! Ensure you adhere to your healthy eating goals during you and your family's hectic weekdays with a systematic, stress-free approach to cooking.

Brad Kearns

9 Steps To Becoming A Primal Endurance Athlete

Exclusive, free course! Take the first step and set yourself up to go a lot faster on less training, lose excess body fat, preserve health, train intuitively, and have more fun in the process! It's time to go primal!

Brad Kearns

Keto Reset Mastery Course

The Keto Reset Mastery Course is a structured educational experience that will guide you through the dietary transformation from carbs to keto, and also integrate exercise, sleep and stress management objectives that will ensure your success.

Brad Kearns

21-Day Primal Reset

The 21-Day Primal Reset is a structured educational experience that will guide you step-by-step through a 21-Day Challenge to eliminate unhealthy habits and get back to the basic primal behaviors that promote optimal gene expression.