Course Description


Essentially, The Keto Reset Diet book is brought to life in multimedia, taking you deeper than any other educational program into every aspect of how to become fat- and keto-adapted. Your carefully-structured educational experience will guide you through the dietary transformation from carbs to keto, and also integrate exercise, sleep and stress management objectives that will ensure your success.


The all-encompassing Keto Reset approach is a refreshing alternative to many quick-fix keto programs that fail to properly prepare you for long-term success. With a methodical dietary transition and complementary exercise, sleep, and lifestyle practices, you’ll easily be able to adhere to fat- and keto-adapted eating patterns forever. The videos detail the topics of each chapter the Keto Reset Diet, and you’ll also enjoy a tremendous variety of value-added content, including:

  • Guided journey to ditch carb dependency eating patterns and take baby steps all the way to full-on keto.
  • Crash course on assorted ways to increase all forms of everyday movement—a critical element of optimizing fat burning.
  • Recipe preparation for quick, fun, easy-to-prepare keto meals, snacks and treats.
  • How to perform a Maximum Aerobic Function test, the most important fitness marker of them all.
  • Psychological aspects of healthy goal setting, re-committing, and aligning with a higher purpose.
  • Exclusive, never-before-seen commentary from the world’s foremost keto thought leaders.
  • ...and much more!

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Brad Kearns

Brad Kearns is the President of Primal Blueprint Publishing. He has worked closely with Mark Sisson since 2008 on The Primal Blueprint, The Primal Blueprint 90-Day Journal, The Primal Connection, and as co-author of Primal Endurance and the NYT Bestselling book, The Keto Reset Diet. Kearns is a former national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Keto Reset Mastery Course

    • Welcome from Mark

    • Course Overview

    • What is the Keto Reset Diet?

  • 2

    What is Keto?

    • What is Keto

    • Ketosis vs Keto and Fat Adapted

    • The Two Campfires

    • Transitioning from Carb Dependency to Keto

    • Keto Reset Diet Macros - Protein

    • Keto Reset Diet Macros - Carbs

    • Keto Reset Diet Macros - Fat

    • A Day In The Life Of Keto

  • 3

    Testing for Keto

    • How to Test Your Keto Status

    • Subjective Testing

    • Fat and Keto Adaptation for Athletes

  • 4

    What Sets the Keto Reset Diet Apart

    • Why Keto Reset is Better Than Keto Shortcuts

    • Departures from Atkins

  • 5

    Benefits of Keto

    • Metabolic Efficiency

    • Athletic Performance

    • Weight Loss

    • Anti-Aging

    • Anti-Cancer

    • Endurance

    • Strength-Power

    • Recovery

  • 6

    Roadmap of the Keto Reset Diet

    • The Keto Reset Diet Template

    • Modifications for Those With Metabolic Damage

    • Considerations for Athletes

  • 7

    21 Day Metabolism Reset

    • Week 1: Diet

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Alcohol

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Baking Ingredients

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Beverages

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Condiments

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Dairy

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Fast Food

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Fats and Oils

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Grains

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Legumes

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Processed Meat and Fish

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Snacks

    • Week 1: Categories To Purge - Sweets

    • Week 1: Never Struggle or Suffer

    • Week 1: Keys to High-Fat, Low-Carb, Primal Style Eating

    • Week 1: Eating Primally At A Glance

    • Week 1: Introduction To Tracking Your Macros

    • Week 1: Tracking Your Macronutrient Intake

    • Week 2: Exercise - Aerobic

    • Week 2: Exercise - Strength and Sprints

    • Week 2: Sleep

    • Week 2: Stress Management

    • Week 3: Fine-Tuning

    • Week 3: Mid-Term Exam

  • 8

    Go Keto!

    • Going Keto for 6 Weeks

    • Macro Adjustments for Going Keto

    • Dialing Back Exercise

    • Finishing Your 6 Weeks

    • What a Day of Keto Looks Like

    • Bulking Up a Day of Keto Eating

    • Healthy Foods That Can Push You Over Carb Limit

  • 9

    Advanced Strategies

    • Calculating Macros For Targeted Fat Loss

    • Advanced Strategies for Athletes

    • Violently Rewiring Appetite Hormones

    • Fasting and Time Restricted Eating

    • Ketone Supplements

    • Meal Skipping for Fat Loss

    • Fasting + Exercise Progression

  • 10


    • Troubleshooting

    • Troubleshooting Nuances

  • 11

    Lindsay's Kitchen

    • Nut Milk

    • Lazy Pancakes

    • Fatty Morning Beverage

    • Bone Broth

    • Kombucha

    • Kefir

    • Massaged Kale Salad

    • All About Dark Chocolate

    • Entertaining and Snacks

  • 12

    Critical Insights and Conclusions

    • Fat and Keto Adaptatation Frees You From Carbohydrate Dependency

    • Metabolic Efficiency = Longevity

    • 21 Day Metabolism Reset Is Prerequisite For Nutritional Ketosis

    • 6 Weeks of Keto Avails You To The Highest Form of Metabolic Efficiency

    • Personal Experimentation and Intuition Are The Most Important Guiding Principles

    • Ketosis Is A Bucket List Item

    • Longterm Keto Strategies Will Vary By Individual

  • 13

    Mark Sisson

    • A Day in the Life in the Keto Zone

    • Thriving on Fewer Calories

    • Metabolic Efficiency

    • We're Most Human When We're NOT Eating

    • Ketosis vs Keto Adapted

    • Boosting Ketones vs Burning Body Fat

    • Exogenous Ketone Supplements

    • Keto Reset Author Talk Show

  • 14

    Expert Interviews

    • Todd White: Ketosis, Biohacking, and Eating Once A Day

    • Todd White: Dry Farm Wines

    • Todd White: Creating A Keto Workplace Culture

    • Leanne Vogel: Customizing Keto

    • Leanne Vogel: Overcoming Fat Loss Plateaus

    • Leanne Vogel: Whoosh Outtake

    • Isaac Rochell: Dropping Body Fat With Keto

    • Isaac Rochell: Gaining Strength and Endurance

    • Isaac Rochell: Learning From Keto Mistakes

    • Isaac Rochell: Being An Outlier In A Carb Dominant World

    • Isaac Rochell: A Day In the Life in the NFL

    • Danny Vega: Keto For Power Strength and Bodybuilding

    • Danny Vega: Two Approaches to Entering Keto

    • Danny Vega: Don't Disregard Anecdotal Evidence

    • Danny Vega: Athletic Background and Ketovangelist Unlimited

    • Cate Shanahan: Problems With Sugar

    • Cate Shanahan: Going Deep On Bad Vegetable Oils

    • Cate Shanahan: Using Hunger To Escape Carbohydrate Dependency

    • Cate Shanahan: Leveraging Exercise To Rewire Appetite Hormones

    • Phil Maffetone: Ditching Processed Carbohydrates

    • Phil Maffetone: How Diet Impacts Endurance Performance

    • Nora Gedgaudas: Regulating Blood Sugar By Eating Primally

    • Nora Gedgaudas: The Roles Of Leptin and Insulin

    • Nora Gedgaudas: Intermittent Ketosis

    • Nora Gedgaudas: Ketone Supplements

    • Zach Bitter: The Ultimate Fat Burning Beast

    • Zach Bitter: Transitioning To Fat Adapted Training

    • Zach Bitter: The FASTER Study

    • Zach Bitter: Balancing Ketogenic Training With Race Preparation

    • Nell Stephenson: How She Became A Keto Adapted Athlete

    • Nell Stephenson: Tips For Becoming Keto Adapted

    • Lindsay Taylor: Mindset Strategies For Keto Success

    • Lindsay Taylor: Identifying Situational And Environmental Cues

    • Lindsay Taylor: Setting Up Your Environment For Success

    • Lindsay Taylor: How To Maintain Momentum

    • Mark Sisson: Advantages Of Being A Ketogenic Endurance Athlete

    • Mark Sisson: Tips For Transitioning To Keto

    • Mark Sisson: How And Why He Uses Ketosis Intermittently

  • 15

    Audio Summaries

    • Keto Reset Diet: Audio Summary 1

    • Keto Reset Diet: Audio Summary 2

    • Keto Reset Diet: Audio Summary 3

    • Keto Reset Diet: Audio Summary 4

    • Keto Reset Diet: Audio Summary 5

    • Keto Reset Diet: Audio Summary 6

    • Keto Reset Diet: Audio Summary 7

    • Keto Reset Diet: Audio Summary 8

    • Keto Reset Diet: Audio Summary 9

  • 16

    Supplemental eBooks & Guides

    • 90 Day Journal

    • The Keto Reset Diet Recipe Sampler

    • Primal Blueprint Guide To Modern Foraging

    • Primal Approved—At a Glance

    • Macronutrient Values For Common Meals and Snacks

    • Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings, and Toppings Cookbook: Part 1

    • Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings, and Toppings Cookbook: Part 2

    • Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings, and Toppings Cookbook: Part 3

    • Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals: Part 1

    • Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals: Part 2

    • Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals: Part 3

    • Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals: Part 4